Wheel Charging Station

Wheel Charging Station

OpenVolt_1 is designed to mount on a wall with the cables coming out of the bottom side of the enclosure. 

In this build we mount the enclosure "sideways" and omit the acrylic window in the enclosure. We also move the input/output cable glands to the longer side of the enclosure and add a third cutout for an LED cable gland.


This is an example of what you can build when you have the correct platform to build on. Here we use the OpenVolt controller with the plug-in LED controller. The plug-in PCB drives a string of smart LEDs which is located into our proprietary LED wheel (soon available for purchase). The LED wheel mounts onto the wheel of your choice and the LED string is fed back into our charging station's enclosure. Using our wall mounting brackets(soon available for purchase), the charging station can be hidden behind the wheel and its illuminated panel.


Take creative license and use our hardware to build your own version of a wheel charging station using your favorite wheel. 


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